The Data Difference

Our technology uses the collective intelligence gathered from billions of sales interactions to guide reps to build better pipeline and close more deals.

Collective Intelligence in Sales

The AI for Sales platform guides sales teams with the collective intelligence of all sellers in the same way intelligent navigation guides drivers with the collective insights of all other drivers.

Intelligent Navigation gets you to your destination with real-time help from other drivers. gets you to your destination with real-time help from other sellers.

Data is the fuel to generate sales growth with AI

Who should I sell to?

Sales reps spend anywhere from 15 minutes to a full hour between calls just researching who they should contact next.

Use cross-company data with your CRM data to target and prioritize the right people, based on who’s most likely to connect and buy.

How should I engage?

Knowing who to sell to does you no good if you don’t connect with people in the right way, at the right time.


Connected with another rep within the last 30 days


Drop numbers from your lists that will never connect

When other sellers have connected by phone with your prospects


Connected with another rep within the last 30 days


Eliminate emails we know have already bounced

When other sellers have connected by email with your prospects

100’s of other influencing factors

Stock influencer

Weather influencer

Notable Events

Reach out when prospects are most likely to connect.


AI modeling finds signals in the data based on: when other sellers have made contact and when internal and external conditions have proven to be optimal for contact.

Which deals should I work?

Most reps rely on gut feeling, not data, to decide what to
forecast and which deals to work.

Your data, enriched by our data, guides you to the deals you should spend time on and, just as important, away from the deals you should avoid. Data also helps organizations know what to forecast, increasing revenue forecast accuracy from an industry average of less than 50% to up to 85%.


How the data works in our A.I.

Our AI uses unique data that includes the propensities and buying influence of over 200 million B2B professionals.

We combine those propensities with customer CRM data, our data and 3rd party data and run it though sales models…

… to create selling and pipeline recommendations which we surface within our technology.

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