Sales Development Reps

Our AI-powered sales apps help sales development reps (SDR’s) connect with more of the right people and build better pipeline. They do this by scoring and prioritizing the best marketing leads and guiding reps through their engagement with customers.

Business Outcomes for Sales Development Reps (SDR’s)

Sales Productivity


Increased sales productivity for each rep
means more appointments set



Automate the boring sales tasks and get to the right leads faster, for more closed won deals

Connect rates can double for SDR’s

when displaying a local phone number

Dial much faster with click-to-call sales dialer system,

as opposed to manually dialing numbers

How Helps

Sales Development Representatives

Get more done in a day

Sales development reps can spend most of their time prospecting, engaging with customers and building pipeline, instead of researching who to contact next or when and how to engage.

Set better quality appointments

AI helps reps know who to sell to and how and when to engage a prospect so they set more appointments with the right people.

Connect with the right prospects

We take the guessing out of sales by using AI to help answer one of the most important sales questions: ‘who should I sell to?’

Hit activity metrics

InsideSales helps reps efficiently hit their key activity metrics like dials, appointments, qualifying leads, and much more with the most robust sales acceleration tools in the world.

Engage Better

InsideSales empowers reps with insights and sales tools to improve each customer interaction.

Build better pipeline faster

The end game of prospecting is to sell more by building better pipeline and closing more deals. We enable pipeline building by using advanced AI technology tools to help reps connect with more high scoring leads and convert them faster.

Tailored Solutions for Different

Types of Sales Development Reps


Not all SDR’s work in the same way. InsideSales

offers solutions fitted for what reps need to do most:



Helps reps identify target accounts and engage effectively.



Helps reps respond quickly and efficiently to the best marketing leads.

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Can Do for Your Company.