Sales Managers

Our AI-powered sales apps help sales managers lead sales teams to build better pipeline and close more of the right deals.

Gain real-time insights into sales peoples’ performance and their pipeline and get recommendations to help coach the team more effectively in order to achieve predictable quota attainment.

Business Outcomes for Managers




Real Business Impact


Increase revenue

How Gives Sales Managers
Leverage Over Their Targets

Answer priority sales questions

Sales managers get detailed insights on who is working, what is working, how to hit quota and where to spend time in order to to sell more.

Focus on the best deals

Get line of sight to sales goals with AI-recommended deals to hit quota, and avoid wasting time on deals that will never close.

Know who is working

Real-time visibility into technology adoption, adherence to sales best practices, tasks per rep by channel, time spent per rep per channel, rep behavior and performance comparisons, answer rates per activity, and much more.

Lead effective pipeline review calls eliminates bias and spreadsheets by giving managers a data-powered view of their business, resulting in predictable quota attainment and more closed deals.

Know what is working

Real-time ROI tracking, visibility AI model adoption and performance, Play and email template ranking, activity ranking by response rate, and much more, empowering sales managers to coach teams more effectively.

Enhance sales effectiveness segments reps by top performers, stragglers and everything in between according to their ability to build and close pipeline, and identifies the behaviors that separate each group.

Solutions for Building
and Closing Pipeline

Sales Engagement



Helps inside sales reps focus on the right leads and accounts, and engage them better, using AI-powered sales cadence strategies called Plays.

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