Inside Sales Reps

Our AI-powered sales apps help ISR’s build better pipeline and close more of the right deals. They do this by guiding them through their engagement with customers, and by answering key sales questions, including: who should I sell to; how and when should I engage; and what deals should I focus on.

Business Outcomes for Inside Sales Reps (ISR’s)

Sales Productivity


Less time spent researching
means more
appointments set

Sales Productivity


Sales automation helps inside sales
reps be more efficient, building more
pipeline faster

Connect rates are higher when
you are focusing leads with the
best AI scores

Deal size is larger for
AI-recommended leads
and contacts

How Helps

the Inside Sales Rep

Spend more time selling

Our AI sales tools keep reps focused on selling by automating mundane tasks, auto-syncing activities in CRM and automatically scoring and prioritizing leads and deals.

Engage smarter

Reps can waste less time using AI recommendations on contact methods, time of day to contact, people and accounts to engage, and deals to focus on.

Connect with more of the right people

InsideSales eliminates guesswork with AI, which points reps to the people and accounts most likely to connect and buy.

Get more done

With more insights and more sales automation, reps can get through to more of the right leads and work more of the right deals in less time.

Engage Better

Sales reps get the insights and sales tools needed to better manage their engagement with prospects at any time using the right message in the right channel.

Build better pipeline faster

We help inside sales teams connect with more of the right people and engage better in order to create more qualified pipeline opportunity fast.

Solutions for Building and Closing Pipeline

Sales Engagement



Helps inside sales reps focus on the right leads and accounts, and engage them better, using AI-powered cadence strategies called Plays.

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