Seven Steps to Drive Predictable Selling with InsideSales.com

According to InsideSales Labs, 56.0% of companies report running a high-velocity model. For us at InsideSales.com, a high-velocity model applies speed across a specialized sales structure to accelerate sales.

In order to run an effective high-velocity model, companies first need to understand the importance of responding quickly and following up persistently to inbound leads.

Below are the steps organizations should follow in order to win in a high-velocity motion.

1. Respond to Leads

  • Most sales and business leaders are sitting on mountains of data.
  • However, their data is trapped in silos or legacy systems, and thus it’s hard to gain any insight from it.
  • The InsideSales Predictive Cloud extracts value from any data source to answer complex sales questions that lead to better business decisions.

“The average response time to inbound leads is 38 hrs.”

InsideSales.com Labs

2. Prioritize Leads

  • Score and prioritize the best leads
  • Access the best leads in a simple-to-use interface
  • Enroll different leads in personalized plays

“Your best leads close 4x better than your worst leads.

InsideSales.com Labs

3. Update Contact Information

  • AI recommends the optimal phone number to increase contact rates
  • AI recommends the best email to maximize response rates
  • Automatically sync activity and changes back to CRM

“The accuracy of your CRM data decays at 30% a year.”


4. Build Your Plays

  • Engage prospects at the right time and with the right method
  • Standardize your sales process across the organization
  • Monitor and track the best activities for each contact

“The average contact is engaged with 4.23 times.”

InsideSales.com Labs

5. Understand Your Prospects

  • See contact’s interests and shared network
  • Review news & notable events for target accounts
  • Understand the competitive landscape

“The average contact is engaged with 4.23 times.”

InsideSales.com Labs

6. Motivate Your Team

  • Harness your sales reps’ competitive spirit
  • Keep reps focused on key sales metrics
  • Monitor and broadcast rep activity automatically

“Gamification tools are expected to see an 84% growth in usage in the coming years.”

InsideSales.com Labs

7. Stay Informed

  • Review real-time rep progress on important KPIs
  • See the effectiveness of different prospecting initiatives
  • Understand the power of predictive recommendations

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