AI-Driven Email Prospecting

AI-driven Email Prospecting

We provide the new standard for email sales prospecting and engagement tracking, providing the most accurate insights into multi-recipient actions, forwards, and attachment downloads.

These insights are augmented by Collective Intelligence data from 100 million global buyers to go well beyond deceptive open and click alerts, allowing Sales to respond with immediacy and precision.

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Patented features make this the world’s most powerful and accurate tool for sales prospecting.

Deliver attention-grabbing emails to prospects in a snap by enabling anyone to create, send and track personalized emails with attachments and embedded videos using Vidyard video platform integration.

Email Tracking

Leverage the industry’s most accurate and insightful email engagement data to respond to motivated buyers at the right moment, improving sales effectiveness. Easily track true multi-recipient opens, forwards, clicks, and attachment downloads from any email inbox, improving engagement by 4X.

Video for Email

Simplify complex sales messages with emails that resonate with more buyers by embedding and tracking prospect engagement with videos, product demonstrations, and attachments.

Best Time to Send

Target and time prospecting emails using NeuralSend AI insights into buyer preferences to reach out when buyers are most likely to engage.  

CRM Sync

Boost sales productivity and CRM integrity by automatically importing conversations directly into Salesforce.

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AI-driven Email Prospecting in Action