Account Managers

Our AI-powered sales applications help sales-minded Account Managers grow their books of business by guiding them through their engagement with the best accounts and contacts and by focusing on the right opportunities.

Business Outcomes for Account Managers (AM’s)

Sales Productivity


Spend more time engaging customers and less time researching who to contact.

Sales Productivity


Build better pipeline fast with advanced automation and CRM syncing.

Connect with the right people more often with AI-driven insights, scoring and prioritization.

Forecast accurately by identifying the right deals to work, avoiding the wrong ones, and identify risks early.

How We Help Account Managers

Drive productivity

Account managers can spend more time building good relationships, engaging with customers and building pipeline, instead of researching who to contact next, when to contact or how to engage.

Engage smarter

Account managers can save time by using AI recommendations on contact methods, time of day to contact, people and accounts to engage & focus on.

Get more done

With more insights and more sales automation, account managers can get through to more of their accounts, identify their account needs and uncover more opportunities.

Connect with more of the right people

InsideSales eliminates guesswork with AI, which points account managers to the people and accounts most likely to connect at any given time & uncover new customer opportunities.

Engage with intelligent cadence

Account managers get the insights and tools needed to better manage customer relationships and improve each customer interaction using our patented intelligence cadences, or Plays.

Build better pipeline faster

Research shows that 80% of future revenue will come from 20% of existing customers, and we help account managers create qualified pipeline opportunity fast.

Solutions for Building and Closing Pipeline

Build Better Pipeline



Helps account managers focus on engaging smarter into existing accounts to educate, delight, and uncover opportunities at existing customers

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