Seven Steps to Drive Strategic Selling with

According to InsideSales Labs, 86.9% of companies report running an account-based sales motion.

For us at, account-based sales is a unified sales strategy, in a multi-decision maker environment, that generates revenue through personalized prospecting and value-based selling. In order to run an effective account-based sales, companies first need to understand how to effectively prospect.

Below are the steps organizations should follow in order to prospect in an account-based motion.

1. Identify Target Accounts

  • Apply rules combined with AI to map territories and rank accounts
  • Automatically score and prioritize accounts
  • Sort contacts by accounts to focus your efforts

“Your Best Accounts Close 4x Better Than Your Worst Accounts.” Labs

2. Select Optimal Contacts

  • Score and prioritize the best contacts for each account
  • Easily import new contacts connected to target accounts
  • Enroll contacts into AI-driven plays

“The average buying group consists of 6.8 people”


3. Update Contact Information

  • AI recommends the optimal phone number to increase contact rates
  • AI recommends the best email to maximize response rates
  • Automatically sync activity and changes back to CRM

“The accuracy of your CRM data decays at 30% a year.”


4. Build Your Plays

  • Engage prospects at the right time and with the right method
  • Standardize your sales process across the organization
  • Monitor and track the best activities for each contact

“The average contact is engaged with 4.23 times.” Labs

5. Understand Your Prospects

  • See contact’s interests and shared network
  • Review news & notable events for target accounts
  • Understand the competitive landscape

“The average reps spends 17.2 min per account on research.” Labs

6. Motivate Your Team

  • Harness your sales reps’ competitive spirit
  • Keep reps focused on key sales metrics
  • Monitor and broadcast rep activity automatically

“Gamification tools are expected to see an 84% growth in usage in the coming years.” Labs

7. Stay Informed

  • Review real-time rep progress on important KPIs
  • See the effectiveness of different prospecting initiatives
  • Understand the power of predictive recommendations

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Account-Based Capabilities in Action