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“Accelerate your prospecting”

Lawren N. | Cisco

What do you like best?

“Scheduled plays so that I don’t forget to call my prospects the next week. has been crucial for following up with customers and reaching the amount of touches I need to get them on the line and make a sale or create an opportunity.”

What do you dislike?

“Nothing – any features we have asked for the ISDC team has been very helpful in integrating the solution to work in my day to day.”

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“ for 100+ users”

John Crain | Cisco

“Our sellers have hundreds, if not thousands of accounts, and gives our sellers the confidence to move from step to step with an opportunity and being prompted along the way when it is time for the next action.

Knowing their plan of action is being managed in the tool frees sellers up to move onto the next task immediately. The number of tasks completed and the increase in talk-time are noticeably higher after implementing Playbooks.”

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