Top 50 Sales Trends to Watch for in 2019

Technologies are born, become fads and then die out, new privacy laws are emerging, and sales best practices are changing to accommodate buyer behavior. Business leaders must recognize and understand the biggest changes facing sales professionals in 2019 if they are to succeed.

As the new year starts, we had a look at the business and technology landscape and singled out 50 of the most prominent trends that will impact the sales profession.’s CEO and founder, Dave Elkington, and VP of Growth Gabe Larsen will be discussing the top trends business leaders need to watch out for in 2019 in a webinar.

Join the conversation as we answer some of the important questions around business, technology, and sales in 2019:

  • What are the skills a sales rep absolutely must master in the next year?
  • What new sales technologies should you be betting on for 2019?
  • How will buyer behavior impact sales, and which areas of the profession are in for a rude awakening?

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