[Case Study] Major Telecom Company in North America Uses AI For a 31% Lift in Revenue

Artificial Intelligence is here to stay and it’s already producing incredible results in revenue growth for companies including it in their technology stack. One major telecommunications company in North American successfully implemented AI with their sales reps leading to a 31% lift in their revenue.

The company initially deployed sales acceleration tools to a small group of sales professionals as a pilot program. The results were astounding: a 49% increase in sales rep productivity just by implementing a system which allowed transparency and visibility into sales rep activities.

Phase two was a bit more tricky: it required getting sales professionals with years of experience to forego what their gut was telling them and just trust the AI data and recommendations.

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  • How Artificial Intelligence refocuses sales rep activities to only do what matters
  • Why just having visibility into sales reps activities leads to an increase in productivity
  • How trusting the data provided by a machine can be better than what your gut is telling you– and translates into more revenue

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