[Infographic] State of AI 2018

[Infographic] The State of AI for Sales and Marketing

Artificial intelligence is slowly seeping into all the technologies we use on a daily basis. For sales and marketing, this will be a boon, as leaders expect AI to significantly improve revenue results.

To understand how AI will impact businesses in the year to come, InsideSales.com created a survey of over 600 sales and marketing executives, and asked them how their perceive this emerging technology.

The results are in, and we’ve summed them up in a perfectly convenient infographic that show exactly what leaders need to know about the coming AI revolution.

It has been interesting to find out just how many leaders expect AI to bring a boost to business results (>90%), by how much (over 30 percent) and yet how few actually use AI in their sales and marketing stack (less than 30 percent).

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  • How AI will impact sales and marketing in the year to come
  • Which positions in sales is AI likely to disrupt
  • Will AI replace the sales rep in the next five years?

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