[Infographic] – Lead Response Management

Inside sales fundamentally changed with the ground breaking research first released in 2007 revealing best practices for responding to marketing generated leads. Business development representatives have all the information they need at their fingertips, about how to play their game better to increase their chances of success.

So, are they really performing?

The “Response Audit” performed by InsideSales.com in fall 2016 shows how 4,723 sales teams respond to leads. We tested companies by “secret shopping” their websites and submitting a lead, and then recording how quickly and persistently each sales team responded.

The “Lead Response Management” infographic will show you what best practices are for responding to leads, and how many companies are handling their leads today.

Lead Response Management Infographic

Download the lead response management infographic to learn:

  • How fast are companies responding to leads, and what’s the most common method of response
  • What’s the average persistency to try and get in touch with a prospect, versus the recommended persistency
  • How many leads never actually receive a response…(hint– it’s a lot more than you think!)

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