How to Use Video in Sales with Vidyard

Video is the next best thing to a face-to-face meeting. And yet, only 30 percent of salespeople use video in their digital prospecting motions. This underutilized sales communication medium is surfacing as one of the most important trends in sales today. Together with Dan Wardle, Head of Emerging Business at Vidyard, we took to create a comprehensive guide on how to use video in sales.

The result was a very informative eBook that will allow camera shy sales representatives to move past their reluctance to get in front of the camera.

Anyone can do video, if you follow Dan’s tips and tricks to get the angle just right.

Download the eBook Now! Learn How to Use Video in Sales

Download the eBook “How to Use Video in Sales to Boost Your Pipeline,” to learn more about how modern sales professionals can increase their contact rates by using video in their digital prospecting motion:

  • Why video can triple your contact rates when emailing prospects
  • How long should my video be, and how do I get people to watch it?
  • All the secrets of recording a perfect sales video
  • How to integrate video as part of a digital prospecting cadence

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