Building a Forecasting Strategy That Works

Building a Forecasting Strategy That Works

A 6-step guide to sales forecasting that takes the guesswork out of predicting pipeline

Revenue is the lifeblood of business, and companies need to plan their investments and expenses around revenue forecasts.

However, sales leaders consistently struggle to produce accurate forecasts.

The study of a quarter million sales opportunities showed us that only 28% of closed-won deals were predicted accurately 90 days out.

Companies need predictable growth, if they are going to succeed.

What Will You Learn in This eBook?

In the following eBook, we’ve mapped out the process to build a sales forecasting strategy that works for any company, regardless of size, product, go-to-market and structure of their sales team. This will pave the way towards having a solid process for your pipeline review calls and allow you to future-proof your business.

  • How to define your sales stages
  • Determining sales stage probability: What is the likelihood of closing?
  • Establishing forecast cadence: How often you should meet for pipeline review?
  • Why sales forecasting is worse than flipping a coin.
  • Defining your sales stages and optimizing them: How do you close a deal?
  • Building forecasting categories and using standardized language across the company.