5 Account Manager Plays to Drive Renewals and Expansion

Account managers, who are focused on renewing or growing existing customer accounts, are increasingly a strategic part of the sales organization’s revenue targets. As this trend continues, they’ll need tools to maximize effort and increase sales productivity to drive meaningful growth.

The good news is, it is far easier to get value out of existing customers, rather than acquire new ones. But how do you secure expansion deals without annoying your best prospects? An intelligent sales cadence for managing your top customers can be thoroughly complex and include up to 20 steps.

We design our sales technology to help all revenue-minded teams drive growth.

The InsideSales.com AI-powered account management solution allows you to enroll contacts into strategic plays that increase contact rates and conversions.

Download our “Intelligent Cadence” cheat sheet for renewals and expansions and learn how you can reach your expansion revenue goals:

  • Run automated sales plays involving email, phone calls or voicemail
  • Keep in touch with your best customers to secure renewals and up-sells
  • Establish rapport and show appreciation to your best customers

Download the cheat sheet