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5 Account Manager Plays to Drive Renewals and Expansion

Account managers, who are focused on renewing or growing existing customer accounts, are increasingly a strategic part of the sales…

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[Research paper] Time Management for Sales

Sales reps must possess many different skills to be successful. One such skill – potentially the most important – is time…

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[Case Study] Major Telecom Company in North America Uses AI For a 31% Lift in Revenue

Artificial Intelligence is here to stay and it’s already producing incredible results in revenue growth for companies including it in…

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Free Download: 3 Cold Calling Templates Guaranteed to Help You Win

Cold calling is not dead, although new sales technology like click-to-call dialers and predictive, or power dialers have made things…


Overcoming Cold Calling Objections: Break Barriers with One Simple Strategy

Cold calling for a living? You probably don’t get very far into your call when you hear your first objection.…


Cold Calling vs Digital Prospecting – Let the Battle Begin!

Are you ready for this? The fight of the century! In the last month, there have been more than 100,000…


McKinsey & Company: Using Advanced Analytics To Boost Revenue

If you’re not using Analytics and AI in your sales tech stack today, you’re falling behind the times and behind…


How Artificial Intelligence Is Disrupting Sales: Frost and Sullivan Analysis

Artificial intelligence (AI), depending on who you ask, will either destroy the human race, or it is the beginning of…

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Give-to-Get: A Sales Template to Build $1.5m in Pipeline

Sales is about giving as much as it is about getting back. The truth is, 15 minutes of a prospect’s…


Cold-Calling is NOT Dead: Three Cold-Calling Techniques Guaranteed to Help You Win

  Let me guess, you’ve heard cold-calling is dead, right? I’ll tell you right now, the people saying that are…


The Give-to-Get Play: How We Created $1,500,000 in Sales Pipeline Using Our Lead ResponseAudit

Building qualified pipeline is the single biggest challenge in sales, according to InsideSales Labs recent research. We don’t have the…


[Infographic] How 578 Sales Leaders Are Solving The Pipeline Challenge Today

Sales leadership is an increasingly difficult profession, with B2B sales deals taking longer to close and having more decision-makers involved.…

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