Built for SAP for SAP accelerates pipeline development to increase sales by up to 30 percent with the same AI insights and Collective Intelligence™ has long provided its customers. SAP customers are using AI-powered buyer intelligence to discover optimal sales strategies with Playbooks by

Questions Answered:

  • What do my customers need right now?
  • How can I improve my interactions with them?
  • How can my team and I collaborate better?
  • What processes can I automate to better manage opportunities?

Questions Answered:

  • Who should I target?
  • How and when should I engage?
  • How often should I engage?
  • How do I track multiple simultaneous pursuits?

“To compete and win, sales professionals need far more than just CRM. Sellers need timely actionable insights from AI-powered collective buyer intelligence. It’s the unfair advantage our AI system of growth has long provided to users of Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Infor, and now SAP.


– CEO, Dave Elkington

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