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Know Who to Target

Playbooks prioritizes contacts and accounts based on their likelihood to engage and buy, ensuring reps focus on the best leads first.

Reps have the flexibility to apply rules-based selection, AI-based selection or a combination of both, ensuring they have control over their engagement strategy.

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Know How to Engage



Playbooks guides sales reps with custom-built or downloadable contact strategies called Plays.


Plays consist of a Purpose, a target List, Assets that offer value, Yield to report outcomes, and a Series of Activities to contact and qualify prospects.

Stay Organized

Playbooks provides a daily schedule of activities from all active Plays to remind reps who to follow up with and when. Reps can run hundreds of Plays at a time, each with multiple steps across multiple channels, while following best practices without ever getting lost.

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You know something I’ve never heard from sales reps in my 20-year career?
‘Thank you for the technology you just rolled out. It’s a game-changer.’


Katherine Andruha

Director, Global Sales Development

Feature Breakdown


Strategic contact strategies that guide and automatically remind reps when to follow up

Schedule Appointments

Seamlessly set, organize and remember appointments, saved to your calendar

Email Tracking

Email opens and link clicks are all tracked and reps are notified in real time to keep them constantly connected to their contacts

Automatic Email Send

Add or edit an email event within your Plays and set to send automatically


Dial to contacts with local numbers, increasing contact rates by 57%; calls back routed to the right rep.

Sales Navigator Integration

Related contacts, icebreakers and other LI Sales Navigator insights displayed directly within the tool

Email Guesser

Receive suggested email addresses based on cross-company and external data to increase opens and responses

Contactability Scoring

Prioritize contacts based on their likelihood to connect

Closeability Scoring

Prioritize accounts and contacts based on their likelihood to close


Schedule emails to send at AI recommended times to increase opens and responses

Best Contact Method

Prioritize contact methods (phone & email) by those most likely to answer or respond

Neural Insights

Dynamic dashboards that show AI adoption, Play effectiveness, and AI’s impact on revenue.


Managed scripts and email and VM templates accelerate rep productivity and consistency

CRM Sync

All activities and record updates are automatically synced to the CRM so reps never lose track of a prospect and managers get full visibility into sales activitie

Communication Cues

Task cues inform rep of key reminders and alerts to incorporate into communication

Active Insights

Notable events, Twitter activity and other contact and company information to personalize communications


Rep dashboards align reps to the best activities and Play steps; Manager dashboards show what is working and what is not

Integrated Communications

Streamlined integrated communications including: single-click dialing, emailing and VM

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