Sales Acceleration is the only fully integrated sales acceleration platform that delivers the visibility, productivity, and effectiveness customers require to sell more.

The InsideSales platform includes sales communications, email tracking, gamification, prioritization and more – all built on Neuralytics, a predictive and prescriptive self-learning engine that prioritizes sales activities to target the most promising leads and opportunities.

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Breakthrough, self-learning predictive analytics engine.

The InsideSales sales acceleration platform is built on Neuralytics, a multi-tiered predictive analytics engine. It processes massive and complex data sets in order to produce simple insights and directives that help your sales team make more money. It contains the largest sales database in the world: 90 billion interactions and counting.

Your algorithms are only as good as your data.

Signal and Noise

Neuralytics doesn’t just collect and analyze the data in your CRM. Neuralytics also uses its database of 90 billion sales interactions and appends external data in four categories (Demographic, Firmographic, Geographic and Histographic) to power its machine learning.

Understand who will engage and close

Prospect Scoring

Not all hours of the day are created equal for prospecting. Neuralytics analyzes global sales data and your own sales interactions to understand when the best time to contact a prospect is, dramatically improving contact rates. By identifying prospects most likely to answer the phone, Neuralytics can increase contact rates by 300%.

Harness the power of Neuralytics’ insights by prescribing rep behavior that will have the most impact.

Prescriptive Sales Activities

PowerDialer, with advanced list prioritization, one-click dialing and pre-recorded voicemails, makes communicating with the right prospects at the right time easy. Vision email and web tracking is integrated directly with PowerDialer and allows reps to communicate with prospects in multiple mediums in order to keep them engaged. HD Forecast and Sales Advisor identify deals at risk and direct reps to prospects who are most likely to close.

Take control of your entire sales funnel

Pipeline Management and Opportunity Scoring

Increase your sales wins by understanding which deals are likely to close and which are not – and not worth your or your reps' time. Understanding which deals are likely to close in the current quarter is critical to delivering revenue every quarter.

Get a reliable forecast from the first day of the quarter

Predictive Forecast

Double forecast accuracy and deliver bulletproof forecasts by blending historical data with sales judgment and predictive analysis. Zero in on what’s changed in your pipeline, spot risk and determine what it will take to save deals that are on the bubble.