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“We’ve seen a 68% year-over-year uptick
in people demoing our product”


Bobby Schmidt
Manager, Business Development ClickDimesions

“Anyone who is not
using AI is behind”


Hayden Stafford
CVP Global Microsoft Business Applications

See how reps build better pipeline with Playbooks on Dynamics

Questions Answered:

  • What do my customers care about today?
  • What content will my customers respond to?
  • How do I build better relationships with them?
  • How do I better manage my opportunities?

Questions Answered:

  • Who should I target?
  • How and when should I engage?
  • How often should I engage?
  • How do I track multiple simultaneous pursuits?

“You know something I’ve never heard from a sales rep in my 20-year career? ‘Thank you for the technology you just rolled out — it’s a game changer.’ I heard that last week when we rolled out Playbooks on Dynamics.”

Katherine Andruha

Global Sales Development Leader

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